Territory Manager

Territory Manager

The Territory Manager will assist in overseeing and managing all assigned client accounts and service partners within their territory. Boots on the ground approach to ensuring our clients’ needs are met or exceeded, both in and out of scope. Territory Manager’s will ultimately be responsible for the coaching and counseling of our service partners so they understand the expectations set forth by OnPoint and our clients. They will be responsible for building and honing relationships among client representatives and service partners to promote a professional and mutual understanding of the intended goals.

Pertinent duties for this position:
Client Responsibilities:

  • Frequent assessments of properties within assigned territory for quality assurance
  • Problem resolution with focus on customer service and communication
  • Utilize industry expertise to suggest regular site enhancements to clients and identify any safety issues immediately
  • Communicate through proposal process SOW and pricing for landscape enhancement projects
  • Frequent communication with clients to build relationships and ensure service expectations are met
  • Communicate scheduling scenarios and be able to articulate business situations as they arise
  • Ability to perform RFP measurements, assessments and picture taking
  • Perform field requests as disseminated down from the office or Regional Managers

Market Responsibilities:

  • Ongoing relationship building and coaching existing service partners, so they understand expectations of service and service boundaries.
  • Identify and qualify potential new service partners for vetting process
  • Be available to meet with service partners as they request
  • Onboarding assistance to new service partners with constant communication
  • Working with service partners to execute enhancement projects according to contract
  • Counseling service partners to suggest out of scope enhancements recognized during their regular service rotations

Job Requirements

  • Above average knowledge of commercial landscape management, management of service partners and a proven record of excelling in landscape enhancement sales
  • Ability to measure, estimate and understand service pricing structures as it pertains to landscape related projects
  • Ability to travel within designated territory and others as necessary
  • Self-starter that can manage all day to day activities, including schedules, on and off site meetings and business critical deliverables
  • Excellent communication skills with internal management, client representatives and service partners, both written and verbal
  • Ability to understand and operate internal operating systems, MOS products, tablets, cell phones and cameras
  • Minimum of 2 or 4-year degree in related field or 3 to 5-year experience in landscape management, landscape management sales and management of service partners
  • Valid driver’s license in one of the 50 states with a clean driving record

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